Sarmap SA

sarmap SA is a SME founded in January 1998 to provide consulting services and data processing software in the field of satellite and airborne remote sensing. It currently employs 18 highly qualified engineers, computer scientists and geographers, covering a broad range of application areas, including agriculture (food security in particular) and forestry, surface displacement and deformation measurement, and the generation of high-resolution digital elevation models.

Sarmap SA has been involved in over 80 projects, approximately 2/3 of which on algorithm/product/service development for the European Space Agency, and the remaining focused on the development of innovative remote sensing products/services for the World Bank, JAXA (Japanese Space Agency), EC Joint Research Centre, private sector (insurance sector in primis), and CTI (in collaboration with EPFL).

Furthermore, sarmap SA developed the internationally recognized processing tool SARscape®, a proprietary software for the analysis of airborne and spaceborne SAR data.

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