NEXTMap World 10 as a Service

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The NEXTMap World 10 as a Service digital elevation model (DEM) from Intermap Technologies provides seamless 10-meter resolution digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM) with worldwide coverage. A high ground sampling distance allows for demanding geospatial analyses, including orthorectification of higher resolution photos. See more in the DSM than ever before, for improved land planning strategy and resource management.

Product Description 

Consultants and engineering bureaus need a reliable DEM for their planning projects. At 10-meter resolution, even easy-to-miss features like roadways and dried riverbeds can be detected in the terrain. For projects that include remote regions north of 60 degrees latitude, World 10 offers world elevation map an unmatched solution. World 10 offers considerable improvements over other DEMs, including reduced noise in the DSM, enhanced terrain features, and tight integration of all datasets within the fusion process.

NEXTMap World 10 offers worldwide coverage with 100% inclusion of the Earth’s entire 150 million square kilometers for comprehensive analysis. Obtain DTMs with vegetation, buildings, and other features digitally removed for any location in the world. With Intermap’s new Terrain Filter and Frequency Fusion technologies, NEXTMap World 10 is the best global DSM within the NEXTMap product line. This DEM reveals terrain features that are not distinguishable in competitive digital elevation products, and it fills the voids and corrects the errors inherent in publicly available data for seamless coverage.

NEXTMap World 10 is accessible on the cloudeo Workbench, your cloud-hosted IT infrastructure configured for geoprocessing. For more information about the cloudeo Workbench.

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NEXTMap World 10 as a Service



Off the shelf 

DSM and DTM worldwide


10 m LE95 vertical accuracy

Access mode 

cloudeo Workbench




Please note 

  • For time licenses, a cloudeo Workbench is required. The Workbench is not included in the calculated price. Please configure it separately and add to your cart: cloudeo Workbench. If you already have a Workbench, just contact us.
  • Please contact us first for orders over 50,000 km2.
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