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NakedEarth provides Digital Terrain Models (DTM) that focus on terrain retention while removing surface features. It is ideal for orthorectifying imagery, mapping, 3D visualization, and modeling surface processes on a large or even global scale. The high quality 30-meter DTM maintains consistency of the input Digital Surface Model (DSM) seamlessly and void-free with flattened water bodies.

Product Description 

The various input data formats for the generation of NakedEarth make this service highly flexible and beneficial to customers working in agriculture, forestry, land planning, construction, and more. With instant access to any area in the world, NakedEarth is suitable for time-critical applications, e.g., natural disaster management and flood modeling, as well as cloud applications. The high quality 30-meter Digital terrain model is processed with Novlum’s proprietary DSM-to-DTM generation system. It is derived from the globally available AW3D 30 Digital Surface Model (DSM), collected by the Advanced Land Observation Satellite (ALOS, © JAXA). It is available off-the-shelf for the entire globe.

NakedEarth is delivered on the cloudeo Workbench, which bundles data with flexible and scalable IT. The cloudeo Workbench is a powerful virtual desktop that is specifically configured for geoprocessing; it can save time and expenses for new hardware, software installation and licensing, and data acquisition. Access your Workbench from any device through the remote desktop application and perform your remote sensing and GIS workflows with the same look and feel as in your current desktop environment. The cloudeo Workbench has additional choices for preinstalled software and data. For more information about the cloudeo Workbench .

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Start date
E.g., 2020-09-19



Off the shelf 



Pixel spacing 1 arcsec (30 m)


Vertical accuracy 5 m RMSE


Horizontal accuracy 5 m RMSE

Access mode 

cloudeo Workbench



Delivery time 

A few business days


Product details 

The Novlum DTM Processing System provides the following features:

  • Proprietary and fully-automated DSM-to-DTM generation software
  • Artifact removal and void fill
  • Terrain preservation (breaklines)
  • Surface features removal (buildings, vegetation)
  • Flattening of water bodies
  • Maintaining accuracy, quality, and consistency of input DSM (statistically and qualitatively)

Input Data for NakedEarth generation:

  • Digital Surface Model: AW3D30 (© JAXA)
  • Forest Map (Univ. of Maryland)
  • Settlement Map (European Commission)
  • Water Body Data (SRTM, USGS)
  • Road network (Open Street Maps)

Please note 

  • For delivery of this product, a cloudeo Workbench is required. The Workbench is not included in the calculated price. Please configure it separately and add to your cart: cloudeo Workbench. If you already have a Workbench, just contact us.
  • Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. When your workbench is ready, you will receive your credentials and a short user guide.

Free sample data from the Novlum webpage:

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