SPOT 6/7 Archive
Airbus Defense and Space

The SPOT imagery products offer high resolution over broad areas using the SPOT satellites. An acquisition covers large areas in a single pass at resolutions...

TerraSAR-X Archive
Airbus Defense and Space

TerraSAR-X reliably provides high-resolution SAR imagery with a resolution of up to 0.25m independent of weather conditions and illumination. The products al...

<img src="TimeCaster AIS.png" alt="Marine tracking">
Maerospace Corporation

With billions of dollars’ worth of goods crossing the oceans at any time, knowing when your ship comes in can swing time-sensitive markets. TimeCaste...

<img src="Water-monitoring.png" alt="water Extent">
HySpeed Computing

WaterExtent - Monitoring provides global insights on the location and quantity of one of the planet’s most valuable resources – water, which...

workspace and training

Workshop and Training Solutions is the best way to host your internal and external company trainings remotely and securely, without paying for aging physical...