HEAD Aerospace

HEAD Aerospace (HEAD), founded in 2007, is a privately-owned space company with its headquarters in Beijing. HEAD has an extended presence globally, including subsidiaries in Hong Kong, France, and the Netherlands.

Thanks to 86 satellite-based Earth observation imagery, HEAD is uniquely positioned to be a key player in the geospatial market and act as a prime contractor to provide complex turnkey integrated geospatial solutions. These solutions cover various vertical markets, including agriculture, forestry, energy, mining, environment, water, transportation, and defense. Also, HEAD addresses horizontal needs at a city or a regional scale, such as urban planning based on up-to-date satellite imagery and intelligent city management enabled by changes detected by regular captured satellite images. 

With more than 20 launches scheduled, by 2022, HEAD will have access to more than 80 Earth observation satellites enabling our customers to receive new images over their area of interest at very high-resolution several times per day.

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Accessible price for very high resolution satellite imagery at 40cm and 50cm, suitable for stereo imaging and urban applications!

  Starts from 225€

Cover a whole city or country with the world’s largest swath of 150 km, and three optical satellites at 50cm resolution!

  Starts from 175€

NightVision & Video  
Order past or task new videos and night imagery at sub-meter spatial resolution at any point on Earth!

  Starts from 1400€

Take advantage of the 31 on-orbit satellites and watch what happens as it happens with an intra-daily 15x per day revisit, tasking anywhere on Earth every 15 minutes at 75cm spatial resolution!

  Starts from 125€

Take advantage of the onboard intelligent processing system of HEAD Aerospace with 25 spectral bands (from coastal blue, to chlorophyll and biomass) up to 3m resolution!

  Starts from 600€

Get sub-meter resolution imagery of 80cm at an affordable price with 45 km swath, making it ideal for projects over large areas!

  Starts from 125€

GaoFen-7 Stereo
A stereo imaging satellite with triple cameras offering 0.65m resolution imagery ideal for 1:10000 mapping, even without ground control points!

  Starts from 150€