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ENVI in the Cloud - Academia provides you with the full functionality of the industry-leading remote sensing software packages ENVI, IDL, and extensions including SARscape – all in a powerful cloud-hosted IT environment: your Workbench. With subscription licenses available on a monthly or yearly basis, you get full flexibility coupled with full functionality of a desktop license, readily installed and accessible anywhere. Bring your research to the cloud.

Product Description 

ENVI in the Cloud – Academia is ideal for those who need scalability for their ENVI and IDL-based workflows for their research. Instead of requiring a permanent software license, ENVI in the Cloud allows you to purchase a short-term subscription perfect for smaller research projects. Since it is offered on a cloud-based Workbench, you can upload your data using FTP or cloud storage. For more information about Workbench configurations, please see the Workbench product page.

The ENVI and IDL basic package contain ENVI, IDL, and LIDAR analysis. Additional ENVI modules include Crop Science, Feature Extraction, Atmospheric Correction, DEM Extraction, Photogrammetry, and SARscape. The SARScape module comes as a basic or full suite package. For more information about ENVI software and extensions, please see our product ENVI in the Cloud.

This powerful software package is ready to run right out of the box. Automatic software updates are performed without any extra maintenance costs. Transferring your workflows to ENVI in the Cloud is a snap.

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