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Our rich set of capabilities are designed for today's top geospatial professionals in REMOTE SENSING. PHOTOGRAMMETRY and EARTH OBSERVATION SCIENCE.

CATALYST Professional - delivering outstanding results for satellite, radar, and aerial imagery.

Product Description 

CATALYST Professional is the world’s leading geospatial desktop suite, specializing in Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry & Earth Observation Science for optical and SAR imagery. Easily integrate our powerful image analysis, ortho-mosaicking, and image processing capabilities into your geospatial technology stack.

  • The confidence to do more - Our rich set of capabilities are deeply rooted in science, well-tested, fully documented, and supported by our in-house team of experts
  • Reduce costs, not quality - Reduce the manual effort, time, and ultimately costs by automating more of your workflow and reducing your QA/QC steps
  • Prototype to production - Use our interactive environments to prototype workflows. Then automate and scale them with the right subscription option

CATALYST Professional Feature Highlights:

  • Industry-leading photogrammetry – 1/10th of a pixel accuracy
  • Incredibly detailed DSMs and DTMs
  • Complete SAR and InSAR processing suite
  • Advanced Machine learning algorithms
  • Object-based classification and feature extraction
  • Create your own Analysis Ready Data (ARD) products
  • Sophisticated radiometric correction
  • Image fusion that maintains spectral integrity
  • Stunning mosaic generation
  • Full automation environments (python and visual modeling)

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CATALYST Professional


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EssentialAdvanced (Aerial)Advanced (Satellite)Advanced (SAR)Complete
Image and Layer ViewerEssentials+Essentials+Essentials+Essentials+
Interactive Workflow and Editing
Airphoto Ortho SuiteSatellite Ortho SuiteRadar Ortho SuiteFull Satellite Bundle
Generic PhotogrammetryADS Ortho SuiteOrtho Production ToolkitOrtho Production ToolkitFull Aerial Bundle
Ortho Production KitHistorical Airpohoto Processing (HAP)Automatic DEM ExtractionAutomatic DEM ExtractionFull SAR Bundle
Mosiac ToolOrtho Production ToolkitAnalysis-ready Data ToolsSAR Interferometry (InSAR)700+ Algorithms
300+ AlgorithmsAutomatic DEM ExtractionPansharpeningSAR Polarimetry and Compact Polarimetry (CPol)Python API
Python APIObject AnalystObject AnalystObject Analyst
500+ AlgorithmsAtmospheric Correction (ATCOR)500+ Algorithms
500+ Algorithms

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This software requires a Workbench. We recommend a Standard, Standard Plus or Professional Workbench. Please include it in your shopping cart before checking out.

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