Algorithm Analysis and Acceleration Service

Algorithm Analysis and Acceleration Service

Processing huge amounts of data can consume a lot of time and resources. We help you to spot your performance issues and speed up your algorithms.

Product Description 

The Cloudflight Algorithm Analysis and Acceleration Service is offered in form of four different packages, which are described below. The different packages offered for the service will be charged at a fixed price (Bronze and Silver packages) and on time and material used (Gold and Platinum packages), as the necessary effort for these two packages cannot be estimated at the time of submitting this offer. Given prices do not include taxes and duties.

The packages are the following:

Content: HotSpot Analysis, I / O access pattern analysis
Output: Speed-Up factor estimate and price
Optional: Recommendations for the most suitable hosting environment

Content: as in bronze, but profiling over a longer period (hours vs. days), detailed analysis, including cost estimation for processing
Output: as in bronze, but more reliable due to longer profiling and detailed analysis
Optional: recommendations for optimization that result from the analysis

Content: Code refactoring to achieve the desired optimization and acceleration
Output: Changed source code to reduce computing time and costs by at least a factor of 5

Content: Transition from local development, development and runtime environment to a cloud-based solution
Output: Cloud-based development and runtime environment, Fully automated testing, validation, monitoring within the cloud
environment, Enables 1-click deployments, continuous delivery

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Algorithm Analysis and Acceleration Service


  • Cloudflight

Service setup time 

12 work days

Helpdesk response time 

3-7 work days


Please note 

The following must be given for the algorithm to be examined:

- Source code files for an implementation are available (IPR remain untouched)
- Supported programming languages: Python, Java, C / C ++, Fortran
- Supported programming environments: Linux
- All necessary software packages as well as licenses for building and executing are provided by the customer to Cloudflight
- Instructions for creating and executing the implementation are available
- Creation (“build script”) and execution (“run script”) of the implementation runs automatically
- Representative test data are available
- Bronze and Silver tests will be carried out on Cloudflight infrastructure to reduce complexity and overhead for quicker results

The “Algorithm Analysis and Acceleration Service” and any associated developments charged per time & material are services
provided without warranty.

Pricing / Licensing